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The lego Motor is an verry small motor, with an verry slow rotation. Its 16 x 16 x 25 mm in size. it's perfect for making the cybermaster steer a car, but i will make an article about that later. I not only use this for building lego. I have a modeltrain, scale N, 1:160. I use these motors to make my railroad-scenery come to live, making a woodmill spin, and windmills. They are perfect for that, because it has a slow rotation, verry compact in size, and verry durable.

more on my modeltrain page:

I wondered how this motor would look inside. This is the result:

There are 2 holes in the bottom, if you want to put it back together, you will need two pins (nails) to pull 2 springs back then the motor can click in place.

gear train inside the part with the axle sticking out

All Parts of gear train

Other Side black+white gears

Typical low-power electric motors don't have much torque, and work best spinning fairly quickly. The shaft of the motor is off-set from the center of the motor as you can see in the last picture. the white gear wheel, is somewhat smaller than te gears on the red casing. because the shaft is offset from the center, when the motor has moved on time around, the white wheel has passed one of its 48 theet, so 48 turnings of the motor, means the white gearwheel has turned once. but the black part, on wich the axle part (top of second picture) can be connected has gear-thoot on the back also. this black gearwheel can turn a round, but is hold steady by the red-round part that you can see when the motor is not opened. This means the same principle works once again. This means when the motor spins for 2304 times, the axle only spins once. Therefore the motor can use fairly large turque while being verry small, using only 9 volt.